You need ShopClerk

Ask yourself these questions:

1. How much time do I spend on customer service?

2. Are there things I could do to make more money instead?

The answer to both questions is "yes"

ShopClerk Package Tracking lets your customers use Alexa to get peace of mind about their purchases.

50 Million

Over 50 million US households have a smart speaker, according to an August 2018 study.


A December 2017 study discovered that people with Amazon Echo speakers spend 13% more than those who don't.


A June 2018 study reports that 21% of US respondents have used a voice assistant for shopping and product research.

Too much time

The amount of time you spend answering customer emails about their packages.

About ShopClerk

ShopClerk lets your customers quickly and easily track their packages using Amazon Alexa.

ShopClerk is easy to install, works automatically, and it's free

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