Privacy Policy

We value your privacy, so we want to be explicit about what kind of personal information is involved when you interact with doesn’t collect any personally identifying information from users. Apps

There are five native apps for – apps that have been developed by team members or their close collaborators. Some of these apps have a facility for generating a unique ID for that app instance, which is included in API requests to a server. These are used in generating usage statistics about the number of unique users per day or per week of the corresponding instance of These IDs are generated in such a way that it is not possible to determine the identity of the device from the ID. We do not collect or send any personally identifiable data from your device.

The exact mechanisms for generating the ID are as follows:


  • Alexa – The Alexa skill saves an anonymous unique identifier for the user who made the request (generated by Amazon’s Alexa infrastructure) so we can save information required to get your order information. This allows us to save your order numbers and tracking numbers when you initially set up the skill so we don’t have to ask for it every time you start the skill.  The length of this identifier can vary, but is never more than 255 characters. The user ID is automatically generated when a user enables the skill in the Alexa app. Note that disabling and re-enabling a skill generates a new identifier. We also store a timestamp that represents the last date and time when arrival information was retrieved so we have an idea of how often users are using the skill.


In the future this ID may also be used for analytical tools to help us improve them by gathering information on such things as the number of installations, the model of device that it is installed on, etc.

The Alexa skill is available on any device that supports the Alexa Voice Service, such as the Amazon Echo.  Please refer to your device’s privacy policy, as well Amazon’s privacy policy for Alexa, to better understand what information those devices and services may be collecting when any skill is used. Alexa does not have access to any information collected by these parties.