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UPS delivery driver carrying packages

Track any package with ShopClerk

Hold on to your hats and make sure you’re sitting down! You can now track any packages with ShopClerk. From any store. There are only 2 steps: Forward an email with a tracking number in it to and you’ll … Read More

Apple HomePod is not a failure

It’s time to admit that Apple HomePod is not a failure! I got an email this morning showing some recent articles from around the web and something struck me as hilarious. There’s a lot of talk about how Apple HomePod … Read More

The smart speaker wave is continuing

The research group CIRP released their latest study on US smart speaker adoption. Over 50 million homes now have a smart speaker! Amazon still has the largest marketshare, at 70%, but Google’s catching up, with 24%, and their speakers are … Read More

What’s Conversational Commerce?

What’s Conversational Commerce? You may have heard the phrase “conversational commerce” before which had been used a lot in the past and is now regaining popularity. In fact, you use “conversational commerce” every day! It’s just “tech talk” for communicating … Read More

Fun Alexa games to take your mind off work

 What are some fun Alexa games? All work and no play is boring! Alexa can do lots to help your business, but what are some fun Alexa games to take your mind of work? Here are my favorites.    Westworld: … Read More

Voice is a commodity, are you ready?

Voice is a commodity, are you ready?   In 2018, voice is a commodity. Soon, it won’t be optional for a store to offer sales and service by voice. To get an understanding of how technology moves from a luxury … Read More

Amazon is your frenemy

Amazon is your frenemy As an independent shop owner, Amazon is your frenemy; you love AND hate them. You’ve got a Shopify shop, and you may also sell on Amazon where you can reach millions of people, but you’re competing … Read More

We’re building ShopClerk to help local businesses

We’re building ShopClerk to help local businesses Our founder, Kevin, had a realization while working at Amazon. More and more people are buying Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers and starting to shop with them. And while Amazon is great … Read More