Apple HomePod is not a failure

It’s time to admit that Apple HomePod is not a failure!

I got an email this morning showing some recent articles from around the web and something struck me as hilarious. There’s a lot of talk about how Apple HomePod is a failure because it has “only” about a 6% market share in the US. But take a look at what that means for Apple.

Take a look at the two below headlines:

  1. CIRP says Apple Has Sold 3 Million HomePods in U.S., suggesting $1B in Sales
  2. Sonos IPO Values Company at $1.5 Billion, Offers Smart Speaker Pure Play for Investors

The takeaway from this? The value of Apple’s HomePod business is “only” 2/3rds that of Sonos’ whole business! That’s pretty remarkable. Based on this, I would suggest that Apple HomePod is not a failure.

While I wish that Apple made Siri more open so ShopClerk could help Siri uses as well, they’ve shown that they can build a pretty darn great smart speaker. I’ve got two of them.


Apple HomePod business impact vs Sonos business value