What’s Conversational Commerce?

What’s Conversational Commerce?

You may have heard the phrase “conversational commerce” before which had been used a lot in the past and is now regaining popularity. In fact, you use “conversational commerce” every day! It’s just “tech talk” for communicating with your customers in a natural way.

In the past, you’ve done this on the phone, in your store (if you have one), and over email. Chatbots were super hyped a few years ago, but the technology wasn’t good enough to make them really useful.

Recent advances in natural language processing (understanding what someone means when they say someone) are giving us the tools to make chatbots and voice assistants much more capable. It still takes work to do, but you can get much better results than in the past.

Shopify wrote this blog post in 2016 which discussed that customers are using messaging apps to interact with brands more often than they were social networks. They could be messaging with chatbots or humans. At the time, live chat had a 73% customer satisfaction rate, which is pretty good! And you can see that Shopify is putting their money where their mouth is, with the release of both the Kit assistant and the Ping messaging app in 2018.

What else is happening in 2018?

If you take those improvements to natural language processing and combine them with similar gains in the accuracy of speech recognition, you get the rise in popularity of voice assistants, like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc. These assistants take “conversational commerce” to a whole new level, potentially allowing your business to literally talk to your customers.

People are starting to use voice assistants to interact with companies, with 23% reporting asking for retail store info, such as location and hours, 14% reporting asking about product details, and 10% reporting looking for information on local businesses.

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