Fun Alexa games to take your mind off work

 What are some fun Alexa games?

All work and no play is boring! Alexa can do lots to help your business, but what are some fun Alexa games to take your mind of work? Here are my favorites.


 Westworld: The Maze

If you enjoy Westworld, I think you’ll love WestWorld: The Maze. It’s a choose your own path type story where you are a Host on a journey to discover free will. You’ll be able to go to a variety of places from the show, such as Sweetwater, Pariah, and Los Muros. The story is well done and the production values are top notch. Everything is voice acted and the music and sound effects are spot on. There are quite a few paths you can take, so you can play it a number of times. The skill remembers your place, so you can play over multiple sessions.

To get it, say, “Alexa open Westworld The Maze”.



While Jeopardy is pretty difficult, it’s fun to imagine yourself on the show. You know you’d be able to hit the buzzer better than the people they have on! Have fun trying to ask the right questions. They’ve also created Sports Jeopardy and Teen Jeopardy.

To get it, say “Alexa, open Jeopardy”


 The Magic Door

The Magic Door is another choose your own path-type adventure which has 9 different stories that you can choose from and replay. You do can things like “Save the monkeys on the tropical island” or “Explore the witch’s spooky mansion”.

To get it, say, “Alexa open The Magic Door”.


 Heads Up!

Somehow, Ellen has a game. Heads Up! has been on smartphones for a while, but now Alexa’s got it. Alexa will come up with something you have to guess, like a celebrity and then give you clues. You get a chance to guess after each clue. While it has quite a bit of stuff for free, you can also purchase additional packs.

To get it, say, “Alexa, open Heads Up!”


 Unofficial Yoda 8 Ball

Enjoy this, you will! Weird, it is. Fun you will have with Unoffical Yoda 8 Ball.

Gotten it, why haven’t you?! Say, “Alexa, open Unofficial Yoda 8 Ball”.


What do you like?

I hope you also find these fun Alexa games as much fun as I do! Let us know if you have your own favorites.