We’re building ShopClerk to help local businesses

We’re building ShopClerk to help local businesses

Our founder, Kevin, had a realization while working at Amazon. More and more people are buying Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers and starting to shop with them. And while Amazon is great and offers their customers a lot, many companies that are excluded from the voice shopping and customer service action.

Current solutions are expensive and take a lot of time. Money and time that local businesses don’t have.

The diversity of places to buy things is what makes capitalism great. Large companies can give a breadth of options at an economy of scale, but aren’t great at really curating their offerings to specific audiences. Local and other independent businesses, like Marathon Sports, Ministry of Supply, and LovePop offer products and customer service that is hard for larger, unspecialized companies to match.

How can these local businesses (and other independent ones) continue to be a vital part of our lives and economy? ShopClerk can help!

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